Life Before Apollo – the challenges

Apex Staffing relied on heavy outbound prospecting to find two key targets for their business: job candidates and human resources decision-makers. They primarily used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify and contact targets, but they struggled with low engagement rates. Their InMail responses never grew above five percent for job candidates and 10% for HR buyers.

Sending up to 200 collective InMail messages per day didn’t generate enough results for Warren Tyler (the managing director at Apex Staffing) and his team. Even with leads that responded positively, a six to seven-day turnaround time in conversation response was typical, resulting in lengthy sales cycles and inefficient sales processes. On the recruiting side, Apex Staffing was not seeing much more success.

With LinkedIn becoming an oversaturated platform for HR-related sales and recruitment, Apex Staffing needed a new way to drive more effective engagement.


Life With Apollo – the solutions

Apollo’s database offers users accurate data and better supporting attributes than other prospecting tools. Each contact record features 200+ data points for Apollo users like Apex Staffing to filter for and consider.

For recruiting agencies that target a wide scope of personas, Apollo is key to helping teams find and engage with targets more efficiently, providing advanced filtering to access high-value leads.

A particularly helpful Apollo feature is Direct Dial Phone Numbers. After identifying targets, both the business development and recruiting teams at Apex Staffing quickly turned to Apollo’s direct dial information within Apollo’s contact records. Instead of worrying about InMail fatigue or slow conversations due to cluttered inboxes, Apex Staffing can now accelerate leads and candidates through their pipeline.

“Calling candidates as well as HR prospects, rather than sending them a LinkedIn InMail, is a competitive differentiator for us. It allows our recruiters to get to candidates faster and our business development team to reach prospects more effectively,” says Tyler.


Accelerated Pipelines, More Revenue, and Happy Customers – the results

Apex Staffing’s customer engagement rates have skyrocketed since using Apollo. The business development team has seen response rates increase from 10 percent to 35 percent.

Furthermore, Apollo has been even more impactful for Apex’s recruiters. The total number of meetings booked with potential candidates has grown from five percent to 40 percent in three months. With a stronger candidate pool and sales pipeline, Apex Staffing’s revenue has grown by 25 percent in the first six months of using Apollo.

“Our KPIs are based on meetings booked and conversions to signed contracts. Apollo has helped us meet and exceed both of our goals this year,” states Tyler.

Our KPIs are based on meetings booked and conversions to signed contracts. Apollo has helped us meet and exceed both of our goals this year.

Tyler Warren
Managing Director at Apex Staffing