Life Before Apollo – the challenges

As the CRO at BuzzCast, Jeff Kreinik is responsible for managing sales to fill the company pipeline and drive revenue with a team of account executives.

Before Apollo was implemented at BuzzCast, Jeff struggled to make their outbound sales process simple, clear, and trackable for his team.

“We used one platform to identify targets and create lists, and another platform to find email addresses. Once we had emails, we’d export those into another platform to do our outreach. And then after that, if someone was interested, we were manually adding them to a CRM,” explains Jeff. “That process was cumbersome, but before Apollo, that’s how we managed outbound sales.”

In addition to the challenges of an inefficient process, Jeff lacked tools to track and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) for his team. BuzzCast couldn’t unlock consistent, actionable insights into their go-to-market processes, and struggled to find accurate email addresses while prospecting.

Due to these challenges, Jeff began searching for a better solution and came across Apollo.


Life With Apollo – the solutions

As a team leader, information that helps you build a winning strategy is invaluable. Actionable insights help sales teams iron out an efficient process to avoid wasted time and find messaging that will land with prospects. This is where Apollo comes in with several data analytics for measurements such as email open rates, email click rates, email message testing, and other diagnostic and predictive sales analytics.

“With Apollo, for the first time I was able to see things that I couldn’t see when using all of those disconnected platforms. I gained a lot of insights, and after gathering about three to six months of data in Apollo, I could then project what my team was capable of,” says Jeff.

Jeff was also able to use Apollo to track role-specific KPIs for his team. “One KPI I tracked was the number of contacts each rep added to their Sequences. Another was the number of accounts targeted in a week or a month,” Jeff describes.

“I tracked around ten of our team KPIs within Apollo and that helped me to understand (based on the highest performing sales rep) what kind of expectations I should set for each individual and for my team as a whole.”

Another challenge that Jeff solved with Apollo was email address accuracy. “By far, my favorite thing about Apollo is the massive database of verified email addresses,” says Jeff. “The advanced filters that allow us to search for specific keywords along with those verified email addresses are the most beneficial part of Apollo for the success of my team.”


A Faster Prospecting Process – the results

Jeff’s team leverages Apollo to save a ton of time on the prospecting process and majorly decrease the amount of time it takes to fill pipeline.

“We’re saving about 50-60% of time now that we’ve gone from four, disconnected systems to Apollo’s one, fully integrated system,” says Jeff. “Also, we were able to quadruple the speed at which we fill pipeline.”

Moving toward revenue goals is much easier and much faster when account executives aren’t wasting time on switching between multiple platforms for prospecting.

Apollo really changed the way I approach prospecting for myself and my team. If you believe in using technology to be more efficient, then you should definitely try Apollo.

Jeff Kreinik
CRO at BuzzCast