Life Before Apollo – the challenges

Prospecting can be frustrating and time consuming if you are spending entire days searching and list building before you are ever able to get on a meeting with a prospect. Desmond Legge, founder of Growth Systemz, struggled with prospecting across multiple platforms and found it hard to be efficient and effective in his lead list building and outreach.

Prior to launching Growth Systemz, Desmond worked in sales at several large companies where prospecting was the main part of his job and Apollo was not part of the tech stack.

“When I was in these previous sales roles, I remember constantly wondering why all of the different parts of our process couldn’t be on one platform and why no one had created something to manage all of this in one place,” says Desmond.

Not only did Desmond struggle with the inefficient manner of prospecting, but also, contact accuracy was a challenge as well.

“Not a lot of the other platforms out there have a high degree of contact accuracy or things like email verification,” Desmond explains.


Life With Apollo – the solutions

Once Desmond left to start Growth Systemz, he knew he needed to be as efficient as possible in his prospecting efforts so that he could spend more time actually running his business and delivering high-quality service to his clients.

Desmond learned about Apollo from a colleague and wanted to see if the hype was real. He soon found that Apollo helped him to prospect in bulk and manage his entire outbound sales process, all in one place. As a founder, he gained much-needed time savings and it made the task of prospecting much easier.

“The bulk scraping aspect of Apollo is amazing. That and the fact that everything is all in one place. Sales teams at other organizations will use multiple systems for these processes, and ultimately, those solutions cost significantly more than Apollo,” says Desmond. “But with Apollo, you can scrape your contacts and you can sequence them all in one system.”

Another Apollo benefit that Desmond depends on is email verification. “This is another really good feature that ensures you’re only sequencing contacts that have a high degree of accuracy. This is something that not a lot of platforms do well,” says Desmond.


An efficient and stress-free prospecting experience – the results

Desmond believes that sales is all about efficiency. “Anyone who is smart about their sales process is always looking for ways to make it as efficient as possible,” says Desmond.

Efficiency is exactly what he has achieved by implementing Apollo at Growth Systemz. “Apollo makes the entire sales process so easy and saves me a lot of time. I save at least five to ten hours on a weekly basis on prospecting activities, and on some weeks I save more than ten hours,” explains Desmond.

He also confirmed that he is able to find leads five times faster now.

“Apollo allows me to focus on other aspects of my business that really need attention as opposed to manual scraping for contacts – something I’d be doing with all of these other prospecting tools.”

Starting your own business is really about maximizing your time, and Apollo is a great tool to help you do that. You’ll spend less time prospecting, managing spreadsheets, and verifying contacts, and have more time to invest in your product or service.

Desmond Legge
Founder of Growth Systemz