Life Before Apollo – the challenges

SaaSOptics struggled to target and connect with their ideal customers in the financial services industry. The sales team prospected SMB accounts, but identifying key decision-makers didn’t prove to be a simple task.

Sixteen BDRs were tasked with cold and warm outbound to their targets. However, prospecting and contacting leads was split across tools including Salesforce, Salesloft, and LeadIQ.

Tyler Gruca, the Director of Business Development at SaaSOptics, said, “If there was a tool out there with perfect data, I’m sure most companies would pony up and pay for it. But that’s not the case, so we had to piece together what made the most sense for us.”

His team lacked a complete and powerful prospecting tool to get their work done.


Life With Apollo – the solutions

SaaSOptics implemented Apollo, seamlessly integrating it across multiple points in their sales process. They found immediate success. More calls were converted to meetings, sellers were more productive, and their CRM was updated with more accurate data.

SaaSOptics ran a bakeoff between Apollo, Lusha, and to identify which platform offered the most accurate data. Apollo stood out above the others with 39% greater contact accuracy. Specifically, Apollo provided direct dial data with 85% connection rates compared with only 50% from LeadIQ.

SaaSOptics closed 40% of their deals from retargeting past prospects. However, prospect contact information became stale over time and these high-value targets were unreachable with LeadIQ’s database., however, offered powerful CRM enrichment to bring a myriad of lost opportunities back to life. With more than 200+ data attributes for each contact and an easy-to-use enrichment tool, SaaSOptics maintained up-to-date information on key, past prospects in their CRM.

Additionally, Apollo’s Job Change Alerts provided a process and actionable intelligence that helped BDRs close prospects as they moved into decision-making roles.


More Calls, More Meetings, More Revenue – the results is an invaluable addition to SaaSOptics’ sales stack and team operations. Accurate contact data, scalable engagement features, and deal intelligence help their sellers work faster and more effectively.

Now, SaaSOptics converts 40% more of their calls into meetings, and Apollo contributes to 15% more meetings each week. Apollo provides massive time-saving efficiencies by housing prospecting and outbound tools in one place. BDRs previously took an average of 10 minutes to manage lead data across LeadIQ, LeanData, and Salesforce.

Now, syncing data to their CRM is instantaneous, saving the team 40 hours each week.

We considered Zoominfo, which seemed great for enterprise-level companies, but Apollo was just so much better for SMBs. The ability to fit Apollo into our existing budget and stack while yielding clear results for our BDR team clearly made the most sense.

Tyler Gruca
Director of Business Development at SaaSOptics (becoming Maxio)