Life Before Apollo – the challenges

Optimove needed a better solution to access relevant contact and company data that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP). Their existing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns suffered from poor engagement, low conversion rates, and unqualified responses. Companies were either too small to consider Optimove, or too large to need their services.

Optimove relied on manual prospecting from their team, and they struggled with inaccurate databases. Additionally, the business faced budgetary challenges due to exceedingly high customer acquisition costs.

Adi Hagog, Director of Marketing and Growth at Optimove, described issues with their initial approach stating, “We invested in targeting the top names in the industry, but everyone chased the Fortune 500 companies. We wanted to understand the mid-market better and discover its true untapped potential.”


Life With Apollo – the solutions

With Apollo’s prospecting tools, Optimove’s marketing team now efficiently narrows in on relevant targets and expands its mid-market reach.

Apollo’s robust B2B database includes information on over 250 million leads and companies, and the platform helps teams filter and engage with their prospects at scale.

With 200+ attributes attached to each company record in the database, Optimove’s team discovered variables that previously were unavailable or not considered.

Optimove found it especially helpful that they could target their market by which technologies a lead used or by the number of CRM admins at a company.

With advanced filtering and persona recommendations within Apollo, Optimove quickly expanded its list of relevant prospects. Apollo also helped eliminate manual prospecting work by providing automated recommendations for net-new contacts based on saved persona profiles.

“Apollo completely changed the game for us. Instead of inefficient manual research, Apollo allowed us to identify relevant targets that are ready to scale and reach out to them at the exact right time,” says Adi.


Improved Targeting and Greater Reach – the results

Apollo helped Optimove find more companies to target and refine their understanding of their highest-value ICP. With a narrowed focus and a better way to find audiences they were previously missing out on, Optimove saw immediate benefits in both the quality and quantity of leads.

Optimove diverted its budget and resources to aggressively target the right people thanks to a more precise and relevant lead list from Apollo. The performance of their ABM campaigns is no longer suffering from poor engagement and low conversion rates. Instead, they have seen immediate performance improvements of 4.5 times higher ad clicks and six times more impressions overall.

Apollo is truly cutting edge when it comes to providing a mechanism for us to continually get a better understanding of what targets are our best investment of budget and bandwidth.

Adi Hagog
Director of Marketing and Growth at Optimove