Life Before Apollo – the challenges

Kickfurther’s sales development team was using a mixture of manual, time-consuming techniques to source leads, suffering from quality issues. Though their outbound emails were well-written, there was a lack of deeper insights and metrics into campaign performance.

Having to log data between their CRM, email, marketing tools, and prospecting plug-ins wasted a lot of valuable time and caused frustration. Also, the lack of a seamless process led to a missed opportunity to share best practices and performance metrics across the organization.


Life With Apollo – the solutions

By implementing Apollo’s end-to-end solution, Kickfurther’s sales and marketing teams were able to take care of prospecting, emailing, marketing campaigns, and lead nurturing in a fraction of the time.

After Kickfurther’s lead SDR saw improved lead quality, campaign success, and conversion rates, the company decided to purchase Apollo accounts for the entire sales development team.

With Apollo taking care of the prospecting, lead gen, communication, and performance tracking, their biggest pain points were quickly solved.


More Replies Gained with Less Time Wasted – the results

Kickfurther was able to amplify their effectiveness and sales outcomes within a few weeks, saving 10 hours of prospecting work a week per SDR, seeing consistent reply rates over 25%, and being able to track team performance metrics with one simple dashboard.

The team collaborated more than ever before, as various reps tackled leads on personalized geo and vertical-specific levels. With the help of Apollo, Kickfurther’s sales team adopted a streamlined process that helped them convert more customers with less time and effort.

We love the interface, the experience, and most importantly...the results.

Erik Straub
Chief Marketing Officer at Kickfurther