June 15, 2022

Bringing Together the Best in Revenue and Sales Intelligence with the Gong and Apollo Partnership

Written by Tim Zheng

Hi! Tim here, CEO of Apollo. Today, I am happy to announce that we are partnering up with the world’s leading Revenue Intelligence platform, Gong!

This partnership will provide Gong users with easy access to the largest, most accurate B2B database and time-saving engagement tools, all powered by Apollo.io. We will roll out the Gong and Apollo partnership in two phases: 1) We are offering a massive price discount, available to Gong users now, and 2) this fall, we will unveil our data integration with Gong’s platform.

Pricing Discount: Available Now!

In Phase 1 of our partnership, Gong customers will have exclusive access to our Professional plan at a 70% discount*. This plan includes unlimited email credits**, 50 mobile credits per month, unlimited email sequences, rule engine process builder, Salesforce and Hubspot integrations, and many more incredible features.

With this roll-out, Gong customers get exclusive access to Apollo’s B2B database, full of robust and updated contact data for over 250 million contacts and over 60 million companies.

Data Integration: Coming Soon!

In Phase 2 of our partnership, Gong will integrate Apollo’s B2B database into their platform. While you gain new insights in Gong, Apollo’s world-class data will be there to help you expand your pipeline and move important deals forward. With a simple click-of-a-button in Gong, you’ll be able to identify additional influencers and decision makers in your active opportunities that you haven’t reached out to yet helping you close your next big sales deal.

I am very excited about this partnership. Apollo has been a Gong user for years now. We admire Gong for blazing the path for a new category of revenue intelligence platforms that help sellers be more effective in their roles with the right data at the right time. We are proud to be collaborating with the Gong team to integrate our superior contact data into their platform. This will make it very easy for Gong customers to find the right buyers effortlessly and move deals forward intelligently alongside Apollo’s accurate, up-to-date contact data.

“Communicating with the right people at the right time leads to more meaningful, high-value conversations,” said Gong President and COO Kelly Breslin Wright. “Integrating our platform with Apollo will empower revenue teams to connect quickly and confidently with the right influencers and decision-makers to unlock more revenue.”

Check out our joint press release announcing the partnership.

Curious about our exclusive 70% discounted professional plan for Gong customers? Please contact your Gong account manager or use our Demo Request form to get in touch with an Apollo rep for more details.

* Eligibility for the discounts set out above is subject to verification by Apollo, and you may be required to provide any information requested by Apollo to evince such eligibility. Misrepresenting your eligibility for these discounts could result in the termination of your subscription agreement and/or the removal of any discount applied to your subscription. Further, you may be required to repay Apollo for any discounts received as a result of misrepresenting your eligibility. For new Apollo customers only. Offer is valid until December 1, 2022.
** Unlimited Credits is subject to Apollo’s Fair Usage policy to prevent fraud and abuse.

Tim Zheng Tim Zheng

Founder and CEO of Apollo